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The Dougster


Dougie Facts
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Dougie Facts!!

  • used 2 b in a band called ataiz
  • was called grunger in school
  • can only cook pot noodles
  • has a lot of allergies
  • his fave band is blink 182
  • He eats dead skin
  • in a rehearsal for the busted tour he used matts bass
  • his maths teacher once made him cry
  • his earlyest memorie was his mum bathing him in the kichen sink
  • Dougie's Perfect Girl:"Brown hair and eyes, not too tall, cos I'm only small,quite slim and preferably some boobs!"
  • Dougie thinks he can turn water into wine. He can't.
  • Dougie's Maths teacher once made him cry
  • He had a mad friend who 'thought he was a hill'
  • Dougie  saw a UFO whilst smooching on Tom's balcony
  • Plays Bass guitar and does the backing vocals
  • Dougie hated homework so much he used to say he was at a funeral!
  • He survied an eartquake which he describes as terrifiing
  • His eyes go small when hes tierd or laughing
  • He thinks tom is the best looking in the band
  • He has apet lizard
  • He fancies frankie from S Club 8/I dream
  • Has sister called jazzie
  • He likes american girls


ohh Dougie!!